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MSB Training and Education is here to help you understand the full capabilities of our products with complete, professional instruction.

We offer many different educational settings to match your needs including:

  • Live-Training Classes
  • Onsite, Web Based Training
  • Self-Paced Online Classes
  • Self-Paced Online Seminars

Each class includes methods of instruction, so all participants can benefit from the information provided by our instructors.

Educational seminars provide topical, current information related to the financial, real estate and insurance markets. Industry experts lead these seminars and provide knowledge and understanding of the trends, data and forces affecting their businesses.

The instructional methods used in our educational seminars include:

  • Instructor-led Demonstrations
  • Practical Exercises
  • Practice Assignments
  • Independent Methods

This approach gives each end user an opportunity to fully understand each block of instruction.


Our goal is to maintain accountable standards for the development of training, as well becoming a reliable support service after instruction.

Furthermore, our goal of continuous performance results from training and its support services will affect the innovation and requirements of customers, associates and stakeholders, the analyzing of competence-related needs and the establishment of a structured system that monitors and guides its learning process.

Live Classroom Training

Held in MSB offices and various class/seminar locations all over North America, students receive hands-on experience from our professional staff.

To foster an even stronger educational environment, we keep our class sizes to a minimum. We utilize state-of-the-art methods and equipment to assist in using the full capabilities of our products. In addition, we provide you with detailed instructional workbooks for quick reference long after the class has completed.

On-Site Training

We provide the same classroom training tailored to your specific needs at your location. This way, we are able to provide enhanced instruction based on your workflow and cover only the information you require. Our professional staff will meet with you prior to the class date and set a specific agenda of items you want covered during the class. We know your employee’s time is precious and this gives us a way to maximize their learning while minimizing lost work time.

On-Line Webinar Classes

Webinars are classes, workshops or seminars taught over the Internet to be more flexible on your time and resources. This type of training gives students the convenience of learning while in the comfort of their own surroundings. Instruction is interactive and requires a telephone and high-speed internet access.

On-line Self-paced Learning

We provide a number of workshops over the web to allow you to take a class whenever you want. Once registered for a workshop, you will have a specific timeframe to complete the classes on your schedule. These are instructor led via state-of-the-art enhanced video clips, employing interactive questions to ensure you have a grasp of the material presented.


We also offer topical seminars on a rotating schedule around the country. Our Subject Matter Experts or SME’s, provide insight into events that have a direct relationship and bearing on today’s markets. Underwriting agents, Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Contractors and Banking Industry personnel will benefit from these seminars. Please check our schedule for the most current topics and locations.

Core Competency Certification

Many of our classes provide Core Competency Certification tests after each class. This provides a measurement tool to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of the course material learned by each student. The tests are randomized from a pool of questions to ensure each student is tested on individual merits. Questions are updated regularly and evaluated to reflect changes in the software and industry standards.

Upon successful completion, students will be listed on the MSB website as having successfully passed certification testing, are issued a certificate suitable for framing and listed in our database for confirmation by current as well as potential employers.

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